About Us

Impact. Resonance. Reliability. Trust.

These are words that defined a vision and a way of doing business 32 years ago when Varsity Communications entered the world of marketing, publishing and events.

And those words still define a company and the professionals that make up our team today. Varsity is many things:

  • A trusted resource for non-profits and clients to turn to for custom marketing needs and essential revenue generation via advertising and sponsorship.
  • A publisher that produces standard-setting print and electronic magazines, newsletters, websites and catalogs for the masses or targeted audiences.
  • And a turnkey event producer that creates a connection between programming and tens of thousands of attendees each year from coast to coast, putting the “show” in showtime.
  • But, most importantly, we listen. We listen to our clients and our audiences and create a world that they want to be a part of.